Hi! Your unedited client proof gallery is available at the link below.
It will take you to an Adobe Lightroom album webpage where you will be prompted to select a checkmark next to the photos of your choice. I’ve gone ahead and removed any photos with anomalies: out of focus, closed eyes, etc.
To begin, click any checkmark to be prompted with a sign-in dialogue. Do not add a mobile number if prompted.
For the username, enter the email address: client@jdhopper.com
For the password, enter: 1Gallery&
After signing in, you will be able to click on any thumbnail to view a larger preview of the image and to select it using the checkmark. Any unchecked photos will not be included in the final delivery and will remain unavailable to you after you have completed your selections.
The photos tend to really come alive after processing, even if some of them currently look too bright/dark, so you should choose the photos where you look and feel most like you, even if the rest of the image doesn’t look quite perfect yet. Distractions in the background can also be removed! I don’t typically distribute unedited photos since they are not a true reflection of the final product, so I would ask that you refrain from sharing the link, taking screenshots of unedited photos, or in any other way distribute the photographs in the client proof gallery. 
Please let me know when you have finished making your selections and I will begin to process them for final delivery.

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