J.D. Hopper (he/him),  is a multi-faceted Mexican-American creative professional based in New York City. Originally from San Diego, California, J.D. has established himself as a lighting designer, sound designer, photographer, and filmmaker. His diverse skill set and passion for the arts have allowed him to work on numerous exciting projects throughout the country.
Having recently graduated from the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University, J.D. possesses a strong foundation in theatrical design. His experiences working in various positions at esteemed theaters like The Old Globe in San Diego and the Williamstown Theater Festival have further honed his craft and enriched his understanding of the industry.
J.D.'s design approach is characterized by a unique and sophisticated interdisciplinary cohesion. He strives to blur the boundaries between different design disciplines, seamlessly integrating lighting, sound, and other elements to create a unified and immersive theatrical experience. By purposefully defying conventional limitations, J.D. aims to create works where the different aspects of design seamlessly blend together, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious production.
One of J.D.'s primary design goals is to explore the creative and unconventional applications of design technology. He is an avid proponent of using cutting-edge tools and techniques to enhance the collaborative process. With a particular focus on design technology, J.D. frequently employs 3D modeling and rendering software to conceptualize and communicate his ideas effectively with collaborators. He has developed efficient workflows to seamlessly integrate these digital tools into his overall design process, allowing for a more precise and immersive visualization of his concepts.
Outside of his professional endeavors, J.D. is an ardent admirer of storytelling in all its forms. He finds joy in consuming and discussing films, television series, and theater productions, always eager to delve into the intricacies of narrative and artistic expression. In his free time, J.D. enjoys capturing the moments and adventures of his beloved dog, Coco, through photography, showcasing his keen eye for composition and visual storytelling.
J.D. Hopper's passion for the arts, dedication to interdisciplinary design, and commitment to exploring innovative technologies make him a formidable force in the creative industry. As he continues to expand his portfolio and collaborate with fellow artists, his work promises to push boundaries and leave a lasting impact on the world of design and storytelling.

Upcoming Projects:
Lighting Designer: Double Trouble | Bristol Valley Theater
Lighting Designer: Matilda | Forestburgh Playhouse
Lighting Designer: Cinderella | Sitka Fine Arts Camp
Lighting Designer: Our Town | Pendragon Theatre
Assistant Lighting Designer: Twelfth Night | The Old Globe - Festival Stage
ETC Fred Foster Mentorship Program Mentee 2022-23
Cody Renard Richard Scholarship 2023 Recipient
Hemsley Portfolio Review 2023 Participant
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